As you all know Windows 7  shows Windows Experience Index score based on Computer’s hardware and software configuration, the more higher score the better your hardware and Computer will perform.Larry Larsen created WEI share site with database containing WEI scores for hardware devices shared by Windows 7 users by running WEI share application.

WEI share

So if you wanted to buy a new Computer you wanted to know which hardware devices perform better, the proof for their performance is WEI score.In WEI  share site contains WEI scores of top rated systems which helps you to purchase best PC for your needs.

top rated WEI score systems

WEI share application will let you know the WEI score for your Computer and also to share this score on Facebook and to WEI share site.To run WEI share you require administrative privileges.

WEI Share features

  • See the score a specific model PC or driver gets.
  • Post your score to your Facebook wall for bragging rights.
  • Scores will change depending driver efficiency.WEI can tell you the score that drivers gets in configurations closest to yours.
  • Find out how many touch points a particular multitouch PC can get.

How to use WEI share

1.Download and run WEI  share with administrative privileges

2.Click Rate My System now if no recent valid experience index detected in your Computer , Windows Experience Index Assessment Tool will run and generates WEI  score which you can share on your Facebook Wall.

3.Do favor to other PC users by sharing WEI score on WEI share site by clicking add to WEI Share.

If you use WEI share the following information will be sent about your PC hardware and software and no personal information will be sent.

WEI Score, sub-scores, Manufacturer, Model 64/32 bit, OS build , OS name and other details about your hardware devices.

WEI share works with Windows 7  rather than on Vista Since highest score you can get in Vista is 5.9 only where as in Windows 7 it is 7.9.

Download WEI share