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Finally much awaited VLC Player 1.1.0 with supporting WebM and extensions has been released and up for grabs.Check out new features in VLC 1.1.0 below.

VLC media player 1.1.0


VLC 1.1.0 features

1.Ready for HD:

  • GPU decoding on  Windows Vista and 7, using DxVA2 for H.264,VC-1,MPEG-2
  • Improved support for MKV HD, including seeking fixes, and 7.1 channel codecs.
  • Support for new Codecs  like Blue-Ray subtitles,MPEG-4 loseless and VP8.

2.You can now Customize VLC with extensions.

Read VLC Player Adds Supports for Extensions

3.Supports WebM decoding and encoding.Improved web plugins.

4.VLC 1.1. 0 now will give you better audio experience.

5.VLC  with faster decoding ,with up-tom40% speed- ups, in HD resolutions.

Download VLC player 1.1.0

Download VLC 1.1.0 portable

You can read more details here at VLC 1.1.0 release notes.