Internet Explorer 8 is undoubtedly by far the most secured browser from Microsoft offers more security and supports latest technologies when compared to previous versions of Internet Explorer IE6 and IE7.IE8 also is the world’s most used browser according to statistics.

Recently covered few tips to make IE8 run faster.

All  users may have using IE8 since long time from now , but you may not have known or explored new session feature in Internet Explore 8.It will appear when you open File menu.

New Session

What is use of new session feature in IE8

New Session feature opens a new window that does not shares credentials with existing Windows.

That means you can able to log into multiple Gmail accounts or Facebook accounts for example using New session feature in IE8.Generally we used to log into more than one Gmail account by opening other browsers.You can open multiple New Session windows and log into multiple internet accounts.

Tip :Set IE8 to Prevent Programs from Changing Default Search Provider