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As you all know there are many paid and free programs available on the Internet to recover files deleted from computer and delete files permanently from your hard drive as well.Tweaknow SecureDelete is one of those tools which delete files and folders from your Computer permanently so that they can not  be recovered.

Tweaknow SecureDelete

It may not conventional to call irreversible process as if we can remove files then we can recover them as well it’s all poised down to how undelete programs or so called recovery programs works and brings back these deleted files from your hard drive.

If we delete files from recycle  Bin Windows does not permanently deletes them instead it marks location of these deleted files as unoccupied and reserves them for future writing.So theoretically these files still exists until Windows writes a new data at same location of deleted files.

If we use these undelete programs to recover files from hard drive they simply scans for files on unoccupied areas and shows users to restore if profile of file matches.This is how recovery programs works.

So what user need to do permanently delete files is to force Windows to write new data at same location of deleted files with secure delete programs.Tweaknow SecureDelete deletes files securely with two of mostly common used algorithms Guttmann and DOD 5220.22M.

How to use Tweaknow SecureDelete

Just drag and drop files onto Tweaknow SecureDelete window, select files and click Delete to delete files permanently from your hard drive.You can add files and folders by using “Add file” and “Add folder” buttons provided on Tweaknow SecureDelete program user interface.You can remove files and folders from program interface by selecting them and clicking ‘remove’.

It would be much better program can be added right click of Context menu so that user can easily delete files by simply right clicking on the file and clicking delete with Tweaknow SecureDelete.

Tweaknow SecureDelete is still in Beta and Freeware, supports Windows XP/Vista and 7.

Download Tweaknow SecureDelete 1.0.0 Beta