Its been close to a month Since TechSmith released Snagit 10 lets take a look at the features and new effects offered by TechSmith in Snagit 10.Snagit is ultimate screen capture tool used by lot of users , specially very useful in taking screenshots to bloggers .

Snagit 10

Snagit 10 features, effects and tips

1.User can able to save images as Transparent as Snagit 10 supports  transparent feature.

2.   A new image effect Page curl has been introduced in Snagit 10.

page curl effect to image

3.With Cut Out tool you can able to tear certain middle portion of image later you can add two pieces together.

Cut out tool

4.With Text Capture you can able to capture text from a message box or you can able to get list of file names in a directory.

5.Application menu  File menu has been replaced by Application Menu where you can able to save files , convert images,print captures and more with clicking Application Menu in Snagit Editor.

application menu

6. You can use Ctrl +Scroll wheel on mouse to Zoom into image in Snagit Editor.

7.As Always you can always blur sensitive information on captured images.

8.You can able to use flags for projects which are general categories for captures.

9.Snagit can also captures images scanned from scanners and cameras.

10. Create flash hotspots where you can able to send visitor to  a particular website or to show a pop up text box or graphic.

11.Print multiple images :You can select multiple images from library and print them by clicking Multiple images layout button.

12.Snagit is image bookmarking tool Yes every image you capture from webpage Snagit captures also time ,URL, date so you can visit that webpage with the captured image whenever you want.

13.Snagit allows to insert flash files into power point presentations.

14.You can Snagit with MS Office applications to capture from Office applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

15.As all know you can record videos of your screen for demonstrational purposes.