Sometimes accidentally we close tabs in the browser and to reopen the last closed tab we can use Ctrl+Shift+T shortcuts in Chrome, similarly Chrome’s new tab page also show recently closed tabs, here is useful Chrome extension Sexy Undo Close Tab that lets undo your closed tabs.

Closed tabs

After installing Sexy Undo Close Tab, it will show the tabs you’ve closed with a drop down menu in the address bar, with a count of tabs closed. You can able to run this extension in incognito mode too by selecting “Allow this extension to run in incognito” in the extension manager.

So this extension will keep monitoring the number of tabs opened and it shows closed tabs in the drop down menu whenever you close them.

This extension will work for tabs opened after this extension installation. You can able to clear closed tabs by clicking Clear button showing in the drop down tabs menu.

Install Sexy Undo Close Tab extension