I already covered article how to set a browser in Windows  as default , I am not asking you to install Safari 5 to set any browser as  default browser but if you are using Safari 5 its much easier for you to set default web browser from browsers installed in your Computer.

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You can easily set any browser as default from options provided in settings of the browser.But sometimes it is difficult to know our selves which has been set as default if we want to make other one as default.

But Safari 5 auto detects the browsers installed in user’s Computer and shows the options to set any one as default browser in its  Settings.

1.Open Safari 5 browser, click Edit menu >Preferences .

2.Click General tab, opposite to Default Web Browser choose any Browser you want to make default web browser in Windows and click Close button.

default web browser

3.Safari 5 shows the list of browsers installed in your Computer.So it’s easy to set any browser as default from Safari 5 General Settings.