As expected Apple released Safari 5 with  lot new features yesterday at WWDC. The features match the features  leaked to the internet with image documents.Safari 5 with Safari Reader  and with more expanded HTML5 support now available as download from Apple website.

Apple Safari 5

Safari 5 features

1.Safari Reader:Safari Reader new feature included in Safari 5 allows to read articles online without ads all you need to just click reader icon  on the smart address field.

2.More support for HTML5 :  over 12 more new HTML5 features have been added which allows developers to create interactive content .

3.You can able to watch HTML5 tag embed videos in full screen view .

4.Safari 5 supports Geolocation feature which allows to share your location information with  websites for helpful information.

5.Safari 5 powered by Nitro JavaScript engine makes you surf the web even faster.

6.Much like in Chrome, Apple introduces DNS pre-fetching and improved caching, which allows Safari to look for address of links in webpage and if you click them Safari 5 will load the pages quickly for you.

7.Safari 5 added one year old decision making engine , Bing from Microsoft as   additional inbuilt search engine along with Google and Yahoo.

8.Safari 5 supports extensions which allows users to add more features to safari and experience them.More over these extensions with inbuilt sandboxing support which safeguards your extensions being accessing user’s information on system.Safari extensions galley will open later this summer.

9.Safari 6 includes additional features such as Smarter address field, Tabs settings, hardware acceleration for Windows and improved Web inspector.

Download Safari 5