How you use  Recycle Bin in your Computer? only to delete files permanently from your Computer or restore any accidentally deleted flies to hard drive.Where as RecycleBinEx is easy to use enhances and extends Recycle Bin of your Windows Operating Systems with which you can able to sort, group items and delete items deleted one day ago, two  days ago , so on 3 months ago.

RecycleBinEx -group by date

RecycleBinEx will manage all recycle bins under different operating systems together:That is if you are using dual boot system with Windows XP and 7  you can able to login into windows XP and delete recycle Bin items in Windows 7  operating system. You can manage recycled items from other operating systems from single operating system.

Since RecycleBinEx can be merged to context menu of Recycle Bin , you don’t need to open RecycleBinEx you can able to right click on Windows Recycle Bin and use related menus of RecycleBinEx to do this work

Recycle Bin context menu

Once you delete files they will appear in Recycle Bin and in RecycleBinEx as well.So your Recycle Bin won’t be affected by any means.But items deleted from RecycleBinEx will also empties  items from Recycle Bin a well.

RecycleBinEx features:

1.Group deleted items by deleted  time, logical disk etc.

2.Manage all Windows Recycle Bins together.

3.Merge to context menu of system Recycle Bin.

4.Jump list support in Windows 7.

5.Filter deleted data quickly.

6.Command line mode support.

7.Task Scheme support.

RecycleBinEx is freeware and supports all operating systems including Windows 7.

Download RecycleBinEx