Microsoft done enough promotion on Bing now as it completed one year successfully and giving some competition to Google  as second mostly used search engine in the World, Microsoft started new advertising campaign of Internet Explorer 8 to aware people about the phishing scams happening around the world to steal personal information and how IE 8 can protects you from them.

We will do lot of banking transactions online requires us to enter Credit card numbers, user name, passwords and other personal information. While some malware writers trying to steal personal information by installing malware into our Computers or luring us to enter personal information on a phishing website which looks like legitimate one.

There is not much difference between online scams happening online and offline, Microsoft tried to ask people by setting up fake bank at New York with hidden cameras to provide their personal information to open a new bank account with which they get $500 cash reward.All customers though it was trust deal and bank can be trusted.

As Microsoft’s people asked some to provide too much personal information they became suspicious.Microsoft reveal their hidden cameras and asked all to tear the personal information provided on papers. You can watch this ad below.

The Greater Offshore Bank and Trust


Get Microsoft SilverlightMicrosoft trying to aware people how IE8 going to protect users from online scams like SmartScreen Filter which blocks suspicious and malicious pages automatically and reports them to Microsoft. SmartScreen Filter daily filters 3 million suspicious pages.

Get Microsoft SilverlightGet Microsoft SilverlightSmartScreen filter

SmartScreen Filter – 8 second Demo

Domain highlighting also helps user to identify whether he is viewing real page or just the page looks like similar  to it.

domian highlighting

Domain Highlighting –8 Second Demo

IE8 protects your information being shared to the websites by providing InPrivate browsing and InPrivate Filtering features.


Private Browsing –8 Second Demo


These ads will appear on TV in U.S during Fox’s Lie to Me (8/7 central) and Good Guys (9/8 central) and online from today.