Photo collage

A Collage means making an artistic picture by sticking other pictures on a surface I can say  it as combination of images,  how it would be if we can collate various personal photos of ours and share with our family members and friends is it possible? yes  excellent free application CollageIt makes it possible and creates photo collages automatically from added photos.


CollageIt is really easy to use free collage maker makes photo collages automatically.Anyone can create stunning collage in three easy steps.

1.Click Add button in CollageIt User Interface, select all photos you want to make collage and click open.

2.List of photos will be shown on left side under “Photo List” , set parameters which are default already set.

3.Click “Generate Preview” and click save once you happy with photo collage to save as JPEG image.

That’s it your beautiful photo collage is ready.

Just view this Collage It video tutorial,you can  create stunning collage in seconds.

CollageIt features

  • Generate Collage in an automatic way.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Just 3 steps required to create a collage.
  • Supports creating collage with few photos to 100 photos.Auto rotation mode and Sparse mode make the collage more varied.
  • User  can able to save Collage in common image formats such as BMP,JPEG,PNG ,TIF etc.
  • Freeware also for personal use.

Download CollageIt