Recently covered tips to run IE8 faster, as all may have known using IE8 for a long time that If you are browsing Web by opening lot of tabs once a site crashes that doesn’t affect the rest of the tabs since IE8 runs all tabs as separate processes.

The new technology used in IE8 for that is Loosely Coupled Internet Explorer(LCIE) when you start  IE8 there are only two processes for IE8, user interface as single process and each tab as another process.

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For some reason if you want IE8 to treat all tabs as single process much like in IE7

1.Open Registry Editor as administrator.

2.Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main on the left pane and right click and create new DWORD (32-bit value ) named TabProcGrowth and give its value 0.

3.Restart your Computer, to revert back to IE8 default settings, open registry editor and remove the TabProcGrowth entry.

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