MicrosoftOffice logo1 Know after how many Days Your Office 2010 trial will be expired

Recently Microsoft made Office 2010 60 days trial available as free download to all users, Office 2010 copies are selling like hotcakes today, there are lot of best features in this Microsoft Office version which helps increasing productivity and get work done in less time.

Office 2010 web apps is also available which is similar to Google Docs, but some advanced features in Office 2010 desktop edition are not available in Office web apps. To access Web apps, all you need is Windows Live ID.

If you are using Office 2007 and want to know the system requirements to run Office 2010, the good news is if you can able to run Office 20007  then you can  run Office 2010 with the same hardware also. Same applies to Office 2003 users also.

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Do you know you can extend Office 2010 trial to use for total of 180 days

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If you can rearm office 2010 on the last day before it needs to be activated, you  can use it for another 30 days like that, total 5 rearms are possible.each rearm gives additional 30 days to activate.

So if you are using Office 2010 60 days trial, you can use it for 210 days for free legally.

The question comes to mind if you are a newbie, how can I know in how many days my Office 2010 trial going to be expired.

office2010trialexpiryperiod thumb Know after how many Days Your Office 2010 trial will be expired

It is very simple, just open Office 2010 Word application, click File menu, and click Help, on the right hand corner of the screen it will be shown after how many days your Office 2010 trial is going to expire.