How to Uninstall Safari Completely from Your Computer

by Venkat eswarlu on June 20, 2010

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Apple offers its Safari browser for both Windows and Mac,recently we covered lot of posts on Safari 5 from features to installing and uninstalling extensions one thing I found annoying after uninstalling Safari is I observed that some software components related to Safari still remained in my Computer.

If you install Safari along with it Software Update, Bonjour, Apple Application support will be installed in your Computer.Uninstalling Safari does not mean the above mentioned apple related software components will be removed from your Computer automatically.

To uninstall Safari completely from your Computer follow below steps

1.Use the Control Panel’s Programs and features in Windows 7 and Add or remove programs in Windows XP  to uninstall Safari and its related software components in the following order.

    • Safari
    • Apple Software Update
    • Bonjour
    • Apple Application Support

2.To uninstall Safari in Windows 7  go to Control Panel>Programs and Features>Select Safari  and click uninstall  .

In Windows XP go to Control Panel>Add or remove programs and select Safari click Remove.

3.Follow the above procedure to uninstall other software components such as Apple Software Update ,Bonjour, Apple Application  Support.

Don’t restart your Computer, If Windows prompted to do so.

4.After uninstalling all the above Apple Safari and related software components , restart your Computer .Go to Safari folder in Program Files and delete the Folder.


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Daniel March 19, 2012 at 12:18 am

What if Safari isn’t in programs and features(windows 7)


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