Am I boring  you with too many posts on recently launched Safari to be frank I hardly ever use Safari but want to cover the features offered by Apple in Safari 5 to the readers. Yesterday we covered about how we can install extensions in Safari though officially Safari’s extensions  gallery will open later this summer.

Enabling and disabling extensions in Safari

By default extensions are disabled in Safari which you can enable from preferences though first you need to enable develop menu.

Click Settings button in Safari and click Preferences select Advanced tab and select or enable show develop menu in the menu bar.

Now from develop menu click Enable Extensions.

Now go to Preferences where you can observe Extensions tab or button.

extensions tab under preferences

As we said you can try and install some extensions from safari extensions website(unofficial).

Uninstalling Extensions in Safari

Now to uninstall extensions in safari we need to go to Preferences and Extensions tab, select the extension on the left pane and click Uninstall.If Safari asks confirmation to remove extension click Uninstall again.