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I  have already covered how to reset internet explorer setting’s to default, these days Google Chrome is being used by many users because of its speed and also supports  more useful extensions much like Firefox does , if you have customized Google Chrome and want to revert back to its default settings here is how.

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Here are the default settings that came when you install and run Google Chrome for first time .

Google Chrome’s default settings

  • New Tab page being set as homepage  and will open whenever you open Chrome and home button will not appear on the toolbar.
  • Google Chrome will prompt you to save passwords.
  • The default location of download files will be \Documents and Settings\<User>\My Documents\Downloads.
  • All cookies will be allowed,  phishing and malware protection is enabled .
  • Smart navigation error suggestions are enabled.
  • DNS pre-fetching and Address bar suggestions will be enabled.

To reset Chrome settings to its default

1.Open Google Chrome.

2.Click the Wrench menu and select Options.

3.Click Under the Hood tab and click Reset to defaults.

Reset to defaults

4.In the confirmation dialog box click “Reset to defaults” button again and click close.