Not going to review Foxit reader 4.0 as it released yesterday (will tell reason later in this post), some how crappy stuff like Foxit Toolbar powered by being forced to install on users Computer along with Foxit reader 4.0.This toolbar appears in Firefox and in Internet Explorer.

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foxit toolbar in Firefox

foxit toolbar in IE

Foxit software forces user to install Foxit reader in such a way that user must install Foxit Toolbar by clicking “ I Accept” button in the license agreement while installing it.I don’t want to install your toolbar give me the option to uncheck  that feature before installing it.

foxit searchbar

I just don’t want toolbars to occupy space  on browser, nobody for that matter we can give Google Toolbar exception since it offers lot of advantages.

To remove Foxit toolbar

1.Close all browsers opened if any specially Firefox and Internet Explorer.

2.In Windows XP go to Control Panel>add or remove programs select Foxit toolbar and click remove  to uninstall Foxit toolbar.

In Windows 7  open Control Panel>Programs> Programs and Features>select Foxit Toolbar  and click uninstall , click  yes  to uninstall Foxit Toolbar.

uninstall foxit toolbar

3.Foxit Toolbar will be completely removed from your Computer.