Yesterday Opera team released first beta of Opera 10.60 and claims it is 50% faster than its predecessor I am not going to talk about its features right now, meanwhile Bing is happy as Opera added Bing as one of default search engine choices in opera’s new beta. One of interesting feature I found is Opera made Bing as Speed Dial  search engine, here is how you can make Google as Speed Dial search engine in Opera 10.60 beta.

Bing speed dial search engine 

Setting Google as Speed dial Search engine in Opera 10.60 beta

1.Now  press Ctrl+F12 or from Tools menu >Preferences click  Search tab

2.Under Manage your search engines Select Google and click Edit

Google speed dial search engine

3.Now in Search Engine form type Name as Google , keyword as Google and address as and click use as default speed dial search engine and you can select use as default search engine as your wish, not necessary if you are already using Google as default search engine for Opera.

4.Click OK twice to save changes and now you can observe search with Google has been shown in search box on Speed dial page.

search with Google from speed dial

From now on you can use favorite Google search engine to perform search right from Speed Dial.

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