Adobe Reader has always vulnerabilities and allows attacker to run malicious code in your Computer its obvious that users going for Foxit reader to view their PDF files , but Foxit software looking for revenue rather than providing options for users to opt out in installing unnecessary toolbars.

Foxit reader 4.0 released yesterday boasts their Foxit reader has new features, which also installs its toolbar powered by may alter users browser’s default search provider if user blindly clicks Next ,Next without reading license agreement while installing it.

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User must aware before installing any software what crappy stuff bundled with it.Since they are offering free software they includes toolbar to get revenue.

1.After downloading and click run to install Foxit Reader .

2.In the Foxit Reader install wizard , uncheck make Ask my  browser default search provider

Set as my homepage.

Then click “I accept” button and click Custom install Setup.

uncheck to make Ask as default search provider

3.It is recommended for users to always go for custom setup rather than default because we never know what options enabled to install by default.

With Custom setup we can able to control and configure features to be installed along with Foxit reader.

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