Chrome   integrated with flash player plug-in

Having flash player 10.1 released  the next stable version of Chrome 5.0.375.90 comes integrated with Flash Player plug-in.I had already mentioned the advantages of using Chrome with built-in flash player .If you are using beta and developer channels  of Chrome you don’ t need to update Flash Player plug-in manually, Chrome will does it for you.

As with flash player 10.1 released all Chrome versions will come with integrated with flash player plug-in.

Since Chrome user has already flash-player plug-in installed,you need to disable either built-in flash player plug-in or system plug-in.

It is recommended not to disable integrated flash player  because

  • Chrome automatically updates Flash player when new update is available to keep you secure.
  • Moreover Chrome uses built-in flash player by default even though multiple  flash player plug-in are enabled in your Computer.

How to identify integrated flash player and system plug-in in Chrome

So to disable either of flash  player plugins you need to know which is integrated and which is system plug-in.Remember both flash player plugins have different file names.

1.Type about:plugins in Chrome address bar and press enter.

2.Integrated flash player plug-in with gcswf32.dll file name exists in Google Chrome application directory.

3.System plug-in with NPSWf32.dll exists in Windows directory.

Chrome with flash player integration

Now you can easily disable either system plug-in or integrated flash player plug-in.