Opera logo1 How to get Chrome’s Omnibox in Opera [Tip]

As you all know Google Chrome’s omnibox is combination of address bar and search box which allows to type website addresses and also perform searches directly from Omnibox .We already covered Omnibar extension  brings Chrome ‘s omnibox to Firefox .Let us see how we can bring Chrome’s Omnibox to Opera.

omniboxinopera thumb How to get Chrome’s Omnibox in Opera [Tip]

If you have installed recently released Opera 10.60 beta in your Computer

  • Open Opera browser
  • Right click on the search box and click Customize and click Remove from toolbar.
  • That’s it search box will be removed  and Opera will be left with only address bar.

removesearchboxfromoperatoolbar thumb How to get Chrome’s Omnibox in Opera [Tip]

Now whenever you want to perform search in opera type  “gquery” in address bar will show search results powered by Google .Now your opera Address bar will look much like Chrome’s omnibox is it not !.

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To revert back to default settings, right click on the address bar click Customize , click Reset Toolbar to its Defaults.