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I stopped using Adobe Reader since few years, and using Foxit Reader as a PDF Reader despite Foxit installs crappy toolbars without notifying readers (that seems to be fixed in latest version) happy with Foxit Reader despite popular PDF reader from Adobe always in the news for vulnerabilities and for malware attacks and there is new security feature in Foxit reader which is safety reading mode.

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Foxit introduced Trust Manager from version 3.3 (present is Foxit which allows users to allow or deny to run external commands in the PDF file to prevent attack from malicious content and viruses.

By default, Trust Manager in Foxit Reader won’t allow unauthorized actions and data transmission includes URL connection, attachment PDF actions and JavaScript functions  to avoid malicious attacks.

Enabling Safety reading Mode in Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader comes enabled with safety reading mode by default, unless some one manipulates its options

You can then re-enable it by opening Foxit Reader Tools Edit>Preferences, select Trust Manager on the left pane and select Enable Safe Reading Mode on the right.


With Safe reading mode, you can not open links, attachments from PDF file. However if you believe PDF file is from a trusted source, you can then disable it and able to open links and attachment and able to run other external commands folded in PDF file.

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Simply remove tick mark before ‘enable Safety reading mode ‘under ‘Preferences’ in Trust Manager to disable safe reading mode. It is recommended to keep safe reading mode enabled for protection.

How to Fix Foxit Reader’s Script Error in Windows 8.1

Update: To get to Safety Reading Mode preference in Foxit Reader v6 onwards, click on Edit menu and select Preferences>Trust Manager and uncheck Enable Safety Reading Mode.

To ease this process I recommend you to use Ctrl +K shortcut to open Preferences.