Any browser provides the option to clear browsing data which includes history of websites visited by user, cache, saved passwords, saved form information, Cookies and other sites data where as in Safari 5 you can observe cache option from Edit menu which only removes cache, then where is the option to clear browsing data in Safari 5?.

Don’t worry clear browsing data option has been provided in Safari 5 which is Reset Safari button appears in Edit menu.

Reset Safari

Generally Clear browsing data or private data being used in browsers to let user easily understand where as reset is used more to revert back to default settings in general , In Safari5 Reset Safari is used to clear browsing data.

To clear browsing data in Safari 5

reset safari clears browsing data

From Edit menu click Reset Safari select entries you want to reset and click Reset.Then Safari removes browsing data except the non selected entries.You can uncheck close all safari windows entry to let Safari remain opened.