Recently launched Safari 5 has new feature called  Safari Reader allows to read articles online in a continuous clutter- free view with no ads and distractions , wonder thinking can I able to get much like Safari reader feature in Firefox and Chrome? yes! you can.

About Safari Reader in Apple’s words

“Safari Reader removes annoying ads and other visual distractions from online articles. So you get the whole story and nothing but the story. It works like this: As you browse the web, Safari detects if you’re on a web page with an article. Click the Reader icon in the Smart Address Field, and the article appears instantly in one continuous, clutter-free view. You see every page of the article — whether two or twenty”.

Readability extension for Chrome and Firefox makes this possible.That’s the power of extensions, with extensions you can always add more features to the browsers.If you can’t find a browser feature in other browser, extensions will allow to add those features, that’s how Firefox and Chrome achieved success, yes Safari also following it now.

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Adding safari reader like feature to Chrome and Firefox

To add this feature to Chrome head over to Readability Redux Chrome extension page and install .

page with clutter Safari reader in Chrome with readability

Whenever you  want to read article in clutter free view, hit Readability Redux extension icon on Chrome toolbar .

To add Safari reader feature in Firefox , visit Readability extension page install and restart Firefox.

page with ads safari reader in firefox

Now view any Wikipedia article or The New York times article and click Readability icon shown at the right corner on the  bottom of page on the status bar in Firefox.

According to MUO,  Safari Reader function is also based on readability and in fact Apple lifted code from readability project and so you are going to experience same Safari Reader feature in Chrome and Firefox with Readability extension what do you say?

We also think unless the website contains too many lengthy articles WebPages without images  and multimedia content don’t look that much better so better don’t use these extensions and features on our site :) .