Having written about Google announced new personalization feature which allows to add your favorite image or photo as your Google homepage background, that feature now live for U.S users don’t worry we can taste that feature here is how.

own backgorund image on Google homepage

1.Open Google U.S search page in your browser.

2.On the right hand top corner of the screen click Sign in and sign in  with your Google account username and password.

3.After signing into your Google account you can now observe “change background image link at left corner of the screen on Google US page.

4.Click Change background image link will bring the option to select photo

  • By uploading from your Computer.
  • From your Picasa Web Photos.
  • From Public Gallery
  • and from Editor’s picks.

Choose your desired image and click select that’s it your chosen image will appear as background on Google homepage.

custom background image for Google homepage

To switch to classic Google , click remove background image button appearing at the bottom on the left corner of page.