PDF files are widely used by people around the World on Internet to share and email PDF documents.Lot of plugins available for browsers to let users to open PDF files  inside browsers , today Google integrated PDF viewing experience in Chrome for developer Channel for Windows and Mac which you can enable by visiting Chrome://plugins.

Developer channel of Linux will get this support soon and Google will enabling integration by default in the developer channel in the upcoming weeks.

viewing PDF files inside Chrome

With integration of PDF viewing inside Chrome

  • PDF files will render seamlessly as  HTML WebPages.And interactions with PDF files will be same as in WebPages like searching and Zooming .
  • As Chrome uses sandboxing feature to render WebPages, similarly  PDF functionality will be contained with in the security Sandbox.
  • read How to enable/disable Safety reading mode in Foxit Reader

  • Users  need not update their plugins or programs  as Chrome will be automatically receive the latest version of PDF support.

Improvements needed

1.Google mentions PDF rendering quality is still work in progress and will be improved before releasing it to Beta and stable channels.

2.Currently Chrome (dev) does not support 100%  advanced features of Adobe Reader like embedding media for users relying on such features Google plans to launch Adobe Reader separately.