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I am using dual booting system with Windows XP and Windows 7  installed I had already updated and using latest stable Chrome version with integrated flash player enabled by default in Win7  when I tried to update Chrome  stable version in XP after updating it showed Update server not available (error:7) .

update server not available error _7

Fixing “Update server not available (error:7)” in Chrome

Let’s take  a look at how I fixed this error and installed Chrome  update successfully.

1.If you  received error after clicking “Update Google Chrome now” button ,
   Error 7  means that update was downloaded successfully and failed to installed it.

2.Look for “GoogleUpdate.exe” process running in the Windows Task Manager  in list of processes, if it does then try updating the Chrome again.

3.Normally Chrome will be updated successfully to latest version as happened to me.
If not reinstall Google Chrome.