As you all know by enabling hidden GodMode feature we can access various control settings of Windows 7 , GodMode makes it easier to access all Windows 7 settings from a single place. 7GMode is small free portable that enables or disables GodMode in Windows 7.

If you don’t know about how to create GodMode folder ,here is how

  • Right click on the desktop , create New Folder.
  • rename it with GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} and GodMode folder will be created and shown.

So you can easily create GodMode in Windows 7 then what is 7GMode made for?

You can enable GodMode in Windows 7 and also add shortcut for it on Windows 7 desktop with 7GMode by clicking enable God Mode.

enable GodMode

You can disable GodMode and remove the shortcut from the desktop by clicking disable God Mode button in 7GMode.

disable GodMode

7GMode makes it easy to enable or disable GodMode in Windows 7 rather than manual way of creating GodMode folder and accessing Windows 7 settings using GodMode.

7GMode is free and portable , no installation requires.

Download 7GMode.