Sysinternals antivirus is an fake antivirus which will install malware into your Computer without your permission unless UAC(user Account Control) is set to higher level in Windows 7.So the chances of entering malware into user’s computer is very high so it is recommended to not to disable UAC.

Sysinternals antivirus removal tool

Once Sysinternals antivirus installed into your Computer

  • Runs automatically when Windows boots .
  • Shows false scan result by scanning your Computer and urges you to purchase full version of Sysinternals antivirus.
  • Once this installed shows n infections found and alerts user that “Windows is in danger”.
  • It  shows fake features of its antivirus like System Scan,Firewall ,update etc.

You can remove Sysinternals antivirus completely with Sysinternals antivirus removal tool.

Download Sysinternals antivirus removal tool