SPyShelter Stop-logger

Key Loggers are programs designed by hackers to log all your keystrokes includes personal information such as passwords, credit card numbers and sent to them when your Computer connected to internet.Here is excellent free SpyShelter Personal free, Anti Keylogging software not only protects from keylogging programs but also offers real time protection from Trojans, rootkits, and other malware attacks.

Users need to know the fact that internet security suits does offer protection against rootkits , where free anti-viruses  like AVG, Avira and Avast offers basic protection only against these keyloggers.

I already written a guide to protect from keyloggers  and already using Zemana AntiLogger covered by me as freebie despite using Windows 7 as standard user my PC not yet infected with viruses so far thanks to Microsoft. You are using latest operating system does not mean that you are protected.

SpyShelter Personal Free

SpyShelter Personal free provides better protection against keyloggers over traditional antivirus programs that depends on signatures identify latest threats.SpyShelter doesn’t even requires signature updates uses technology of proactive shield protects you against both known and unknown threats.

SpyShelter’s  proactive real-time shield protects against newly created and advanced threats.SpyShelter knows how malware operate inside your Computer and detects them  before attacking your Computer and stops them from hurting your Computer.

SpyShelter protect you against attacks while you are doing ordinary tasks like typing into your Computer, taking screenshots , opening files and visiting sites.

SpyShelter Personal Free protection modules include

  • AntiKeylogging
  • AntiScreenCapture
  • AntiClipboardcapture
  • AntiGetText
  • System Protection
  • AnitKernelModeLogger

Use SpyShelter Personal Free along with  Antivirus Programs without any problems

You can install SpyShelter along with ant-virus and anti-spyware programs , it doesn’t slow your system down.It adds  extra layer of protection to your system.SpyShelter is fast, efficient and easy to use.

SpyShelter Personal free is free for personal use.SpyShelter Personal Free supports Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download SpyShelter Personal Free