Tab slideshow_icon

Tabbed browsing is now being used and available in all browsers for users to open various tabs and surf. If you are used to open a lot of tabs in Google Chrome and want to cycle through those tabs automatically like viewing all tabs as a slideshow, you can achieve that with the Tab Slideshow Chrome extension.

Tab Slideshow

Tab Slideshow allows user to cycle through open tabs in Chrome as though each tab were as a slide in the slideshow or presentation.

All user need to do is install the extension and set the time interval for the slideshow (by default set to 2 seconds) and click Tab Slideshow icon in the toolbar and click “Begin” button.

That’s it! Tab Slideshow will cycle through all opened tabs in Chrome.

The user can pause the slideshow by opening or closing any tab in any window. Opening a new window also pause the slideshow.

Install Tab Slideshow Chrome extension