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After installing Foxit Reader with its toolbar and uninstalling it, I installed Free Nitro PDF Reader, which contains lots of advanced and basic features a free PDF reader that never offers. I am kicking myself for not testing this reader after installing it on Windows XP since so long. The only concern with using free Nitro PDF reader is it’s still in Beta.

If are using office 2010 you are almost home, Nitro PDF reader contains ribbon much like to Office 2010 which allows user to create and  manipulate PDF files.

nitro PDF reader ribbon

Nitro PDF reader features

  • Create PDF files : Converts any printable file into PDF, creating PDF files is very easy: just drag those files into Nitro PDF Reader or click “Create from file” button in the ribbon and PDF will be created and opened in the Nitro PDF reader, so no more need for PDF writers software.
  • Add sticky notes : Want to add some notes to PDF document? You can do that easily  by clicking “Add note” button in the ribbon to place text any where on the page.

annoating notes in Nitro PDF reader

  • Add text to pages in PDF: You can easily add text to any page of PDF file opened in Nitro PDF Reader by clicking “Type Text” button in ribbon and “click to Finish” after typing the text.

adding text to PDF file

  • User can able to highlight a particular text to emphasize its importance  by clicking “ Highlight Text” button shown in the ribbon, user can also cross out and underline text using controls provided under ‘Highlight text’ button.
  • Users no need to convert PDF documents to Word documents to fill in PDF forms, user can easily fill in PDF forms with Nitro PDF reader.
  • Insert your signature into PDF files: Want to insert your signature into PDF document , just scan your signature written on a paper and save it as file. Now you can insert scanned image containing your signature by clicking “stamp signature” and browsing your scanned image.
  • Extract text and images from PDF document: You can easily remove all formatting and layout properties automatically in PDF  document and convert PDF to editable plain text, all you need to do click “Extract Text” button.
  • User can also extract images in PDF file to particular folder by clicking ‘Extract Images’ button shown in the ribbon.
  • User can able to open file menu in Nitro PDF reader by clicking File menu from where they can able to open, save, print and send email as PDF attachment through Microsoft Outlook.

File menu in Nitro PDF Reader

Apart from the above mentioned features there are some advanced features like managing your Digital IDs and trusted contacts.Watch the video on Nitro PDF Reader here.

Nitro PDF  Reader is freeware and still in beta.

Nitro PDF Reader supports Windows XP/Vista /7.

Download Nitro PDF Reader