Adding watermark to images show others about your copyrights and also prevents others from copying, generally, we place watermark at the  center, bottom (left /right) and at top (left/right) corners in an image, how about adding a watermark to image diagonally and horizontally? Yes it is possible with Scaling Watermark software.

diagonal watermark to image

Scaling watermark is  portable tool developed to allow you to add diagonal and h0rizontal watermark to your image so that, your copyrights are readable in both in full size and thumb-nail size.

User can load the image  by clicking the file menu and “open file” and add desired watermark text to image by clicking “Setup” from File menu, entering the watermark text opposite to “Text “ area.User can vary text’s font, color and transparency.

The watermark image always at diagonal angle regardless of the image dimensions.

Scaling Watermark is a freeware and portable application ,no installation is required.

Download Scaling Watermark