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Makers of Acronis True Image released free application,  Acronis Drive Monitor which monitors health status of Server, WorkStation,Pc hard drives and sends an email and shows a message on the windows taskbar when it found disk related problems.

Acronis Drive Monitor

We all know recent hard drives comes with Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART) alerts you when hard drive going to fail so you can backup data and replace it with another hard drive.

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Acronis Drive Monitor monitors SMART status of hard drives and emails you when disk related problems occur.

Acronis Drive Monitor features

  • Automatically checks for disk problems and works on any Windows PC or server or Workstation.
  • Flags events that may indicate that data is in danger so that you can back it up.
  • Sends an email and shows message when disk-related problem occurs.
  • Shows electromechanical health of all your drives in one weekly report.
  • Supports RAID drivers too.
  • Offers support for users through Acronis Forum, knowledge base and built-in help function.

Acronis Drive Monitor shown my hard drive temperature is above normal need to arrange one or two external fans to bring to normal temperature.Advanced users can know about various SMART parameters of hard drive like temperature, seek error rate,spin-up time and other indicators.

Acronis Drive Monitor is freeware,  the only annoying thing is you need to register to download the application.

You can download Acronis Drive monitor by registering here.