Chrome   integrated with flash player plug-in

After release of Flash Player 10.1 as promised by Google it integrated Adobe Flash player into Google Chrome, so all Google Chrome versions including current developer and beta releases have built-in flash player plug-in enabled by default.If you have any doubts on using flash player in Chrome , you can clear many of them from the information below.

Verify flash player version : To know you are using latest version of flash player(10,1,53,64)  you can verify the version of your flash player by visiting this page.

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Should I install latest version of flash player or Chrome will update it automatically?

All versions of Chrome now has built in flash player plug- in, so you don’t need to update your flash plug-in manually,Chrome  will update Flash player automatically whenever there are security updates released for flash player by Adobe.

Should I keep previously installed flash player plug-in along with built-in ?

You can safely disable previously installed flash player plug-in which is called as system plug-in.If you use integrated and system plug-ins then Google Chrome will use integrated flash plug-in by default.

It is recommended to use integrated flash player plug-in since Chrome takes care of everything regarding flash as it updates it automatically when Adobe released security updates for it.

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How  can I identify Integrated flash player plug-in and system plug- in in Chrome?

Type about:plugins in Chrome  omnibox and press enter.Integrated flash player plug-in will be installed in Google Chrome installed directory with gcswf32.dll file.

System plug-in will be installed into Windows with NPSWF32.dll file .

Chrome with flash player integration

How to identify Integrated Flash Player Plug-in and System Plug-in in Chrome