As you all know, Windows 7 offers sticky notes, looking for a desktop sticky notes application that offers more features for Windows 7? Then you should go for 7  Sticky Notes, Windows 7 style sticky notes desktop application which allows to create to sticky notes directly on the desktop.

7  Sticky Notes features

1. You can able to choose note colors from Yellow, green, pink, White, Purple, Blue and Red which makes notes look good on your desktop.

2. You can able to create notes by using Alt+Z, edit notes by using double clicking on the note’s title or text.

3. Toggle all notes -visible/non visible – by using Alt +X, use Alt+C to show Notes Desktop.

4. You can able to access the program icon from the system tray.

5. With 7 Sticky notes, you can able to drag and drop notes, resize them.

7 sticky Notes

Thoosje Windows 7 Sidebar 1.0 : Windows 7 Style Sidebar for XP and Vista

6. To delete a note, simply hover mouse on the notes and click “x” button to send it to the Recycle Bin.

7. Notes Desktop will darken the desktop background and brings all notes up front, so you can check all your notes. Use Alt+C for Note Desktop.

8.  Sticky Notes is freeware supports Windows XP,Vista and 7.

Download 7 Sticky Notes 1.1