Meanwhile you are going to try and enjoy new Hotmail features let’s take look at Gmail how easy it is to send, receive,view and find attachments in Gmail as it offers maximum attachment size of 25 MB for Gmail users.

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1.Drag attachments in

No more attaching fuss just drag the attachments on to the message while you are composing , and attachments will be easily uploaded from there.This will only work presently in Firefox 3.6 and Chrome only.

Of course you can even drag images onto messages as well  in Gmail.

2.Select multiple attachments

This is known to all if your browser have flash player installed, you can select multiple files at once by pressing Ctrl key and click on each file to attach.Holding shift key will select continuous list of files.

3.Gmail won’t let you forget attachments

If you have used phrases like I ‘ve attached “  or see attachment in the message and if you forgot to attach them , then Gmail warns you that you forgot to attach attachments.

4.View attachments online with Google Docs Viewer

Got the PDF as attachment in message and you have not installed any PDF reader in your Computer , no problem you can still view documents like PDF, PPT and TIFF online without even downloading and saving to your Computer with Google Docs Viewer.

5.Find attachments in your inbox

Unable to find the message with attachment send by your friend, don’t worry with advanced search operators you can easily find  attachment the sent by someone.

Type for example has:attachment PDF in the search box  in Gmail and click Search Mail

Here are advanced search operators to find attachments in Gmail 

  • To find all messages containing attachments type has:attachment
  • To find all messages containing attachments from your friend X type from:X has:attachment.
  • To find all messages that contain PDF attachments use has:attachment pdf
  • To find specific attachment name test.txt  type filename:text.txt [via]