Microsoft rolling out new Hotmail later this summer, Microsoft’s Hotmail does remind features of Google ‘s Gmail , If you are a Hotmail user having Gmail account too then you are almost tasted new hotmail for sure. Apart from new features in upcoming Hotmail lets take a look at security measures taken by Microsoft to protect Hotmail users.

If you want to know the features in Upcoming new hotmail check out below video.

New Hotmail  features

Enhanced Security Features in new Hotmail

1.Account recovery

Much like Gmail will allows to recover your password via SMS Hotmail users can also able to get account recapture code via SMS if your account is compromised or you forgot/lost your Hotmail account password.Hotmail will allows to use your Cell Phone or other items as a proof of  account ownership.

2.Single-Use Codes to sign into Public Computers instead of using Password

This is something new where you can request a single- use code which can be used to sign into public computers like at internet cafes, Coffee shops , air ports instead of using your password where chance that they can be stolen by key loggers.

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request single use code using single use code to sign into hotmail

When you request single use code it will be send via SMS to your phone which is associated with Windows Live ID.That single use code can be used as one time substitute for your Hotmail account password.

3.Full Session SSL

As Gmail session is encrypted for all users similarly hotmail in future will support maintain SSL encryption between hotmail users and its servers.

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4.Trusted Senders

Hotmail will help you to identify trusted senders by avoiding phishing scams by showing safety logos next to legitimate senders with which you can easily spot malicious imitators.