Some times we need to paste only text from webpage  into Word document, what we do is copy it to notepad from original source which removes all formatting such as font size and font color and then we further paste that into Word document.PureText a free portable application makes easy to paste pure text into Word document or Windows applications you use by simply pressing win+v key.

PureText options

After running PureText you can observe PureText icon ‘PT’ in the system tray which has already assigned win+v hotkey to paste pure text into word or other applications.You can change hot keys to according to your convenience.You can also configure PureText to run at Windows Startup.

PureText only removes rich formatting from text.PureText is equivalent to Notepad where we use Select all and copy and Paste into Notepad.Where with PureText allows to paste pure text from webpage into Word document by removing formatting with a single hotkey.

PureText is freeware and portable, no installation is required.PureText works with all Windows including Windows 7.

Download PureText from here.