Opera team has released Opera 10.60 alpha 1 intended for developers for testing purposes only, however Opera 10.60 alpha 1 is with much more speed,   improvements in user interface and came with lot of bugs fixed  when compared to Opera 10.50.

Opera 10.60 alpha 1

What’s new in Opera 10.60 Alpha 1

  • Performance improved for JavaScript,DOM  and CSS.
  • JavaScript rendering engine is 50% faster than Opera 10.50.
  • Speed Dial has wide-preview screen thumbnails that fit better and easier to use.
  • Upgraded Opera menu is easier to find and use.
  • Visual tab previews has been refined and now look better than ever.
  • Numerous stability and security improvements have been made.

Download Opera 10.60 alpha 1 for Windows , Mac(universal) / Mac(Intel-only) ,Unix /Linux