Having Mozilla launched plugin check which shows status of plugins of Firefox whether they are up to date or out of date, later released current Firefox 3.6 automatically  detects and alerts users if there are any out dated plugins.Good news for all users is Mozilla Plugin check service now checks  and shows status of plugins of all browsers installed in your computer.

Outdated plugins are always threat and allows hacker to run malicious code in user’s computer, that’s why Mozilla launched plugin check service for Firefox users, now they made this service available to all browsers users.

So from now on what ever browser you are on, just open Mozilla plugin check page, Mozilla  plugin check checks and shows status of plugins for your browser.

check status of browsers plugins

Mozilla plugin check works with present popular browsers like Safari 4, Chrome 4 and Opera 10.5.However though most popular plugins will be checked by plugin check for IE7 and IE8 but full support not yet available to all the plugins for IE7 and IE8.