Google launched  encrypted search which in beta which sends encrypted data to Google while you are performing search from your browser.Google SSL search will protects your privacy from third parties so only Google and you know the search queries you performed.

To use Google Search over SSL you can visit Remember only Google web search is available over SSL but Google maps and Google Images are not available with SSL.So if you perform search Google maps and images will not be shown on left panel.

Google SSL search

Though you can make Google SSL search as home page and perform the search, it will be better to make Google Search over SSL as default search engines for Firefox , Chrome and IE.

To make Google SSL Search default search engine in Firefox

  • Install add to Search bar add-on to Firefox , and restart Firefox browser.
  • Now head over to Google SSL Search page and right click on the search box and click Add to Search Bar.
  • Now it prompts name for Google , enter Google Secure search or Google SSL search or whatever , click Ok to save changes.
  • Now this Google Secure search has been added as search engine to Firefox which we need to make it default.

Set Google Chrome to use Google Secure Search as default Search engine

  • Open Google Chrome, right click on the Omnibox aka address bar and click Edit Search Engines.
  • Click Add from Search Engines dialog box , enter the name as Google Secure Search and in the place of URL paste and type encrypted or whatever in keyword and save it.

  • Now again on the search engines make currently added Google Secure Search as default Search engine by selecting it and clicking Make Default.

Making Google SSL Search as default search engine in IE

  • Open Internet Explorer and visit IE add-ons page for creating your own search provider .
  • In the URL paste , enter name as Google Secure Search and click Install Search Provider.
  • IE prompts you to add Google Secure Search Provider select or check box make this is as my default search provider,  and click Add.

google secure search default search for IE

Thanks to DW.