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Recently, after testing an application that modifies Win7 start orb button, I am unable to restore the start orb button to its default. That is annoying, after all, we test all new applications to see how they work and if we don’t get back to original state, that application has messed the Win7 orb button for sure, but it is easy to restore Win7  start orb, here is how.

Restoring Win7  Start orb to its default

1. Download Windows 7 Start Button changer, which allows to change the Windows start button from various orbs.

2. Extract the files to a folder: this folder will contain 10 sample orbs, including the default Orb of Windows 7 start button from Microsoft.

3. Run the Start Button changer, now it shows the current orb (which already not shown because of a problem) or shows different Orb due to modifying the start Orb.

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4. Now click Select & Change Start Button, which asks the filename to locate and open, now navigate to the Start button Changer extracted folder, and open it and again open 10 sample Orbs located under it .

Win7 Start button changer

5. Now select the Start Orb (1) and click open, restart your computer if Explorer disappears. That’s it! Your Win7 Start orb has been restored to default.

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Have you faced this situation? What you’ve done then? Let us know in the comments.