Having covered about Microsoft Download Manager though which is designed specially by Microsoft for users to download files from Microsoft Websites  it can still downloads files from websites starts with http://, but lacks supporting Chrome and other browsers.MDM supports IE and Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 only.

How to make files download much faster with MDM

The trick applied by commercial download managers is the more connections available to download a file better it will be the speed.By default MDM allows to download from 2 connections only.

We can increase these maximum number of connections in MDM hence file download speed will be increased.

To increase the number of connection in Microsoft Download Manager

  1. Open MDM user interface , click Settings icon at the right corner of the window.
  2. Under General tab  under Download options choose Maximum number connections to 8 or 16.
  3. Click Apply and Ok to save changes.

increase max no of connection in MDM

Note: Setting the maximum number of connections for a file above the limit(above we set 16) may not be accepted by the sources we are downloading from, then the limit allowed or permitted by the source will be considered while downloading the file.