Have you found your Computer running Windows 7 shutting down or starting up slowly, there will be many reasons for this but we can detect which programs or drivers interferring with Windows power settings which is cause of slow shutdowns or starups.

We can use performance information and tools in Windows 7 to detect which program or device driver culptit for this.

To find performance issues

  1. Open Action Center from Taskbar on the left pane click view performance information and again on the left pane click Advanced Tools under performance issues you can observe reasons for windows to shutfdown or start slowly.programs responsible for slow startup
  2. If you click that link windows will show the program or device driver causing your computer to shudown or startup slowly.program delayign win 7 startup
  3. You can then fix it by delisting that entry from startup list by clicking Remove from the list or uninstalling that program.