Though we disable some devices  connected to Computer to save power, even Windows also automatically puts your system into sleep mode when your Computer is idle for certain time , though you optimized power settings for your Computer do you know how much power or energy consumed by your Computer? Windows 7 tells it with Powercfg command.

Yes in Windows 7  Powercfg command will scan the power used by your Computer and generates detailed power usage report which will be helpful for you to analyze.

1.Click Start button and press Win+R to bring Run box and enter CMD and press Enter.

2.Now type powercfg –energy and enter, after 60 seconds of observing your system behavior energy efficient problems if any exist will be shown .

powercfg-power usage report in Win7

3.All the detailed information will be saved energy-report html file under your username personal folder, which you can open by clicking your name appears on the start menu.

energy report

Thanks to techrepublic for tip.