Internet Explorer 8 is by far the most reasonable and secured browser Microsoft ever produced which is also comes with Windows 7.IE8 is the mostly used browser also now a days despite Firefox and Chrome giving competition to Microsoft’s browser.If you are using IE8 here are some tips and tweaks for IE8 to make it run faster than before.

1.Never set MSN website as IE8’s homepage

This will be experienced by lot of users who  leave MSN as homepage after installing IE8 in their computers.Set the homepage to blank which loads Internet Explorer much faster.

2.Disable unnecessary add-ons  by clicking Tools>Manage Add-ons.These add-ons also can slow down IE8’s performance.

3.Make sure you enabled prevent programs from suggesting changes to my default search provider , from security point of view this will be important as some toolbars install without your consent and changes default search provider.

4.Disable unnecessary accelerators :By default when IE8 installed some accelerators enabled by it which you can disable you no longer need by selecting Tools>Manage Add-ons>Accelerators.

5.Set IE8 to delete browsing history after closing.

For this Tools>Internet options>General>Browsing History select delete browsing history on exit.

6.Keep IE temporary files and internet files settings to default

From Tools>Internet options>General>Browsing History>settings  make sure IE checks for newer version of pages set to automatically , set disk space to store temporary internet files should be kept 50 MB or above to load your most often websites load faster.

If you know any other tips to improve IE8 performance share them in comments.