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Google claimed the fastest beta ever released was Chrome 5 now Chrome 5 stable out for Mac, Linux and Windows users just take look at the features Chrome 5 offering to users.

Chrome 5 features

1. You can also able to sync your browser preferences includes themes , homepage , startup settings ,web content settings using Google account on multiple computers

As you already know Chrome supports syncing bookmarks

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2.Hide and rearrange extension icons on Chrome address bar

This is the most wanted feature by any user as user installs various extensions , the address bar omnibox corner is cluttered with extension icons which is discomfort and annoying for Chrome users.

Now With Chrome 5 you can able to rearrange and hide extension icons , this saves lot of space on address bar.

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3.Run extensions in incognito mode

Till now Chrome will automatically disable extensions in Incognito mode to protect your privacy and browsing data as it has no control over these third party extensions under incognito mode.

However Chrome 5 allows to run extensions also under Incognito mode

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4. Test powerful HTML5 features in Chrome 5

Chrome 5 supports HTML5 features such as Geolocation API, App cache, web Sockets and file drag and drop.

You cant test these features by visiting websites developed on HTML5 like, dragging and dropping attachments in Gmail or by enabling Geolocation functionality in Chrome.

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5.Chrome 5 bookmark manager spiced up with HTML5

The Google Chrome bookmark manager has been enhanced with HTML5 features where you can able to open bookmarks incognito window, new window , new tab and other options.Just hit Ctrl+Shift +B to open Bookmark manager in Chrome.