Chrome   integrated with flash player plug-in

As Google released Google Chrome 5 stable, I expected Google to release with built-in Flash player , but Google planned to release Flash player with Chrome when full version of Flash player 10.1 releases.Lets take look at the advantages of using Chrome with integrated Flash Player plug-in.

From Google Chrome 5.0.375.9 onwards Chrome will come with inbuilt flash player plug-in.

Advantages of using Google Chrome with built-in flash player plug-in

  1. When any user downloads Chrome browser , flash player will also be included in it , so user don’t need to install Flash player plug-in again.
  2. When Google releases updates for Chrome , Chrome with flash player will be updated.Since outdated plugins causes browser crashes and security risks , Chrome will take care of flash player security updates as well.
  3. Further Chrome’s sandboxing feature will protect users with websites from flash content.

You can find the flash player plug-in installed for Chrome by typing about:plugins.Flash player integrated in Chrome and separately downloaded flash player will bring the same web experience to the user.