If two users X and Y are sharing single Computer with Windows 7 installed both are having standard user’s account with password protected, to access Y’s applications generally he has to log into that user’s account with  password but X  can open Y’s applications from his account if he has other Y’s  account’s password.

1.Click Start button and type CMD and press Enter.

2.Here we are going to use command runas,( runas/user:<domain name>\User Name <Program Path>) where for domain name we need to enter Computer’s name as here venkatesh-pc for my account.Another user account going to illustrate this trick is tech.

3.Now in CMD prompt window type runas/user:venkatesh-pc\tech regedit.exe, here I tried to run registry editor of tech account,  Windows asks another user’s account password, enter it now windows will successfully runs registry editor as shown in screenshot.

running another user's apps

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